Nonprofit: Educational Counseling

“With outsourcing in general, the benefit is an organization’s specialization. We do accounting for a bunch of not for profits and therefore are experts in not-for-profit accounting. We turned to PT because you guys specialize in data migration. Your knowledge of the specifics of this particular problem is obvious and so you are way better at it than my team who does it once in a while. Having that specialized knowledge enables you to get things done a lot better, more efficiently, and more cost-effectively.”


Atlanta Classical Academy

“I think Platform Transition does a phenomenal job of getting all the detail out of the old system, mapping it accurately and bringing it into your new system so you don’t have to refer to your legacy system – they are the subject matter experts in this. They do it in a very effective way and a very efficient way. I’m very confident in their ability; I recommend them for that reason.”


Nonprofit: Health Sector

“We are just thrilled that Platform Transition is around because we would not have been able to get all of our legacy data into Sage Intacct accurately or nearly as quickly as they did. PT was a great vendor to work with and I’ve worked with hundreds of vendors being in finance and administration for over 10 years now. PT totally saved our behinds, with no time to spare and, the price was more than fair.”