Unique Processes

Historical General Ledger Migration

The Multi-Dimensional Data Conversion Solution™ is a platform-independent process for migrating detailed historical data that is currently optimized for QuickBooks® (online and desktop) and other legacy systems. With full dimensional mapping capabilities the system has proven to be 99.999% accurate on the 1st pass of error detection.

Monthly Data Migration Service

This service is a great interim solution for you to move detailed transactions from a variety of legacy systems and into Sage Intacct® to meet your reporting and reconciliation requirements. The process works by having our internal team scope and assess the legacy data source and determine the data transfer schedule and format.

Historical Subledger Migration

This is one of our most exciting new developments to date! Now you can migrate virtually all of your historical data from QuickBooks® Desktop into the AP and AR subledgers of Sage Intacct. This unique process allows for a few revolutionary benefits our space has not experienced before in a standard offering.

Duplicate Suppression System

The Duplicate Suppression System is a stand-alone service to help customers create clean, non-duplicated master records in Sage Intacct. This is especially useful for setting up Multi-Entity Shared environments with various entities that use many of the same vendors, employees, and customers.

Marketplace Partner

Platform Transition™ is a Sage Intacct® Marketplace Partner. The Multi-Dimensional Data Conversion Solution™ is a workflow intended to quicken and ease the transition to Sage Intacct®.