Duplicate Suppression System (DSS)

Duplicate Suppression System (DSS)

The Duplicate Suppression System is a stand-alone service to help customers create clean, non-duplicated master records in Sage Intacct. This is especially useful for setting up Multi-Entity Shared environments with various entities that use many of the same vendors, employees, and customers.

Do you want to create clean master templates for your multi-entity shared environment but thought the daunting task of cleaning the lists manually was your only option?

The Duplicate Suppression System saves time and money by allowing you to:

  • Rapidly identify and resolve potentially duplicated information across multiple lists and templates going into Sage Intacct.
  • Automatically handle the relevant mapping combinations necessary to facilitate data migration using those lists.
  • Avoid hours of manual labor trying to prepare the vendor, customer, and employee templates from either individual or multiple legacy systems.
  • Cleanse your list data prior to transitioning it into Sage Intacct.

Platform Transition™ is a Sage Intacct® Marketplace Partner. The Multi-Dimensional Data Conversion Solution™ is a workflow intended to quicken and ease the transition to Sage Intacct®.