Monthly Data Migration Service (MDMS)

Do you have a multi-entity migration project but not all of your entities are ready or able to make the transition by your Go-Live date? Do you have acquisitions or portfolio companies that you wish to get their data regularly reported in Sage Intacct® but don’t have the time, resources, or interest in having them operate in Sage Intacct®? The Monthly Data Migration Service from Platform Transition is a great interim solution for you to move detailed transactions from a variety of legacy systems and into Sage Intacct® to meet your reporting and reconciliation requirements. The process works by having our internal team scope and assess the legacy data source and determine the data transfer schedule and format. Then for a flat setup fee and a standard recurring monthly fee, we will process your monthly data submissions and import them into Sage Intacct®. We will work with you to ensure ongoing maintenance of the mapping lists and required data elements to maintain ongoing precision and accuracy of the imported data.

Platform Transition™ is a Sage Intacct® Marketplace Partner. The Multi-Dimensional Data Conversion Solution™ is a workflow intended to quicken and ease the transition to Sage Intacct®.