Nonprofit: Educational Counseling

“With outsourcing in general, the benefit is an organization’s specialization. We do accounting for a bunch of not for profits and therefore are experts in not-for-profit accounting. We turned to PT because you guys specialize in data migration. Your knowledge of the specifics of this particular problem is obvious and so you are way better at it than my team who does it once in a while. Having that specialized knowledge enables you to get things done a lot better, more efficiently, and more cost-effectively.”

Commercial Real Estate

Marcum Group

“The client data is now in Sage Intacct in detail, and the client can access their data without our involvement. Our resources are no longer pulled away from their active tasks to address on the fly requests. PT has helped us in terms of our resources time savings. If we had to do this, it would have strained us to learn the systems and address stumbling blocks. You knew what challenges to look for, and how to easily fix them, where on our side if something challenging happened it could wreak havoc.”


Mordfin Group

“We had become a Sage Intacct partner and a portion of our business will be sales and installation so we needed to move our current system over to Intacct and Platform Transition made the conversion extremely easy. There was a lot of data and we couldn’t have done it ourselves. We didn’t have enough knowledge of how to do it. Anyone who is going through a big data migration would do very well to work with you guys. Working with Platform Transition was wonderful. I have no complaints; your team went above and beyond the call of duty.”