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Description of Services

Sage Intacct Marketplace Partner (MPP), Platform Transition (“PT”), offers services that include the migration of detailed General Ledger journal entry data and Subledgers into Sage Intacct eliminating manually-intensive, error-prone, and time-consuming client effort.

Attending to data migration early supports excellence in the architectural design and implementation of Sage Intacct. Importing historical data allows clients to receive an immediate return on their investment. By applying the go-forward architecture to historical transactions clients gain Sage Intacct insight into their business from day one.

Getting a Price Quote

•   Answer the questions below in this document to the best of your ability.
•   If you don't know an answer or understand the question, no worries. Just enter a '?'.
•   Upon submission of the quote form, click the link provided to schedule a scoping call.
•   We will review the data migration process, and answer any questions you may have.
•   An SOW will be provided following the scoping meeting. This allows us to gain insight into your initiatives, verify our understanding of the scope, and return an accurate quote.

Person filling out the form
Person filling out the form
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Platform Transition™ is a Sage Intacct® Marketplace Partner. The Multi-Dimensional Data Conversion Solution™ is a workflow intended to quicken and ease the transition to Sage Intacct®.