Spartan Paving

MDCS Migration Service – Platform Transition Use Case – Experience of PT Services

Client: Spartan Paving (a division of Aero Snow)

The Challenge: “Spartan Paving had been acquired and the prior owners had been relying on Foundations and QBD. We were seeking a unified solution to manage our various companies from one accounting platform, Sage Intacct.”

The Goal: “We were looking to report in a uniform way rather than bouncing between two systems. We wanted to get the previous five years of Spartan data into Sage Intacct for historical reference, and we wanted the post-acquisition data in Intacct which we had been bringing in manually via monthly uploads. We wanted all that information on a transactional level so that we could view it at any time and get rid of the old system altogether.”

The Choice to Work with PT: “We had chosen to work with Platform Transition on our initial migration to Sage Intacct and it was a great experience. I couldn’t imagine taking on this migration internally – we just didn’t have the manpower and it would have taken up too much time; we have too much to do.”

The Experience of PT’s Process: “We hired Platform Transition to attend to the data migration project which required very little involvement from us. We can now get the detailed reports we wanted from one platform. The leadership team can run their reports and see how we’re doing. They’re able to breakdown our performance on a base level, and by line of business.”

The Greatest Benefits: “Personally, I didn’t have to take on the migration myself. Professionally, the business is now able to make more insightful decisions based on the numbers we see in the reports; we can now drill down into data we couldn’t get to before. Today we can easily view performance metrics by comparing prior year history to current year data.”

Closing Testimonial: “Working with Platform Transition was a very pleasant experience. They handled the heavy lifting. We just had to provide them access to the data they asked for and they did the hard work. I would definitely recommend Platform Transition.”

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